The Power of One: An African American Leadership Book Review

  • The Power of One: An African American Leadership Book Review

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    Rulet Oyunu is a rising star in the world of African American Leadership. Her self-published book “The Power of One” explores what it means to be an individual and the true power that can be wielded by those who want to move forward in life. Rulet explains in her book how one can be a leader by performing and developing their own leadership skills.

    As a child, Rulet excelled in mathematics, science, music, and art. She attended Harvard University where she earned a B.A. In her senior year, Rulet won the prestigious Honorary Doctorate Award for her outstanding academic performance. During this time, Rulet worked closely with a Boston community group called Geeks for Geeks which was created to help underprivileged youths achieve their education goals.

    Geeks for Geeks works to help the world’s future leaders learn how to become responsible and dedicated students who are able to succeed academically and socially. Rulet and a few of her friends helped design a number of plans for a video game that would help improve the lives of the underprivileged. Rulet graduated from Harvard with a B.A. in English and then attended Yale Law School where she received her J.D.

    Since graduating from law school, Rulet has worked as a private litigator for corporations and individuals. After returning home to Atlanta, Rulet was hired by a renowned writer/editor for a book on leadership development.

    After a year, Rulet began working on her first book on leadership development. Rulet believes that leadership development is more than just reading books or studying leadership theories. Leadership development involves becoming aware of one’s own limitations and the importance of using your own talents and experiences to excel in the areas where you are weak.

    Let’s book is an eBook that includes three chapters that describe the different types of people, their qualities, and the four categories that make up the nature of a leader. It also includes a workbook with activities and daily activities that can help you identify the key qualities that will enable you to be successful.

    Rulet describes her passion for helping individuals realize their natural gifts through performing well. At the end of the book, Rulet shares a seven-step process to becoming a very effective leader in your own right.

    One of the most unique things about “The Power of One” is that Rulet has allowed the community to participate in her book and provide feedback on its development. Rulet welcomes all the helpful input and is committed to delivering a product that everyone can use and enjoy. So if you are looking for a new learning tool that will help you become a better person and have more fun in life, “The Power of One” is the perfect book for you.

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